Joe Robach, a Champion for Rochester and Upstate New York

During his long career in public service Joe Robach Rochester NY has fought not just for Rochester and Monroe County but for Upstate New York as a whole. Rochester and Monroe County have a tradition of instilling individuals to seek to create a better nation, state and community. In that same vein, Senator Joe Robach of Rochester has sought to make a government that is truly responsive to the people of this great state.

Joe Robach has introduced legislation that would dramatically change the culture of Albany. A bill that Joe Robach has repeatedly introduced and passed in the Senate is legislation introducing Initiative and Referendum to New York State. If enacted, this bill  would give the people of New York State the right and ability to petition and vote for issues that they feel are necessary and proper to become law. To this end, Joe Robach of Rochester has fought for the people of New York to have the right to vote on a referendum to determine if New York City and Upstate New York should be two separate, distinct states. For many years, citizens in both regions have spoken out in favor of statehood for their region. By enabling the citizenry to have their voice heard directly on this idea, it would be a clear show of either support or disapproval. Joe Robach sponsored a bill that would create an independent redistricting commission, long before the issue became in vogue with good government activists. Joe Robach’s bill would have amended the state constitution to reform the system, creating a commission based upon the already successful model used in Iowa.

New York deserves to have a government as good as its people and throughout his career, Senator Joe Robach of Rochester has sought to make that goal a reality.

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