Joe Robach, Standing Up for Rochester’s Immigrant Population

Throughout his tenure in representing the City of Rochester and Monroe County, Senator Joe Robach had always sought to help foster a sense of openness and sincerity when it came to welcoming those from other countries when either visiting the area or deciding to relocate themselves and their families to this wonderful area. Because Senator Joe Robach Rochester grandparents where immigrants from Europe he can appreciate the challenge faced for those folks who are emigrating to the United States of America.

One group national group Senator Joe Robach has sought to foster a greater relationship with is Rochester’s Turkish population. In January of 2011 Senator Joseph Robach visited the Turkish Cultural Center of Rochester (TCCR). He was welcomed by the President of TCCR Ahmet Celenli, the Director of the cultural center Fuat Mese along with many other members of Rochester’s Turkish population. Senator Joe Robach visited and toured the new offices and facilities of the new home of the Turkish Cultural Center of Rochester. While enjoying a traditional Turkish dinner, members of TCCR and sister organizations provided information to Senator Joe Robach about the mission and the many activities organized by each. The Event Coordinator at TCCR gave information about the cultural events, interfaith dialogue programs and trips to Turkey that are continuously being organized. He thanked Senator Joe Robach for being a very good friend of the Turkish community and TCCR. TABID (Turkish American Business Improvement & Development) representatives invited senator Robach to visit Turkey to enhance business between the State of New York and Turkey to more strengthen ties between the countries. Senator Robach looks forward to the day in the hopefully near future when he will be able to go with his Turkish friends and visit that magnificent country.