Joe Robach, Standing Up for Rochester Public Transit

Yesterday, Rochester Senator Joe Robach passed along his congratulations and best wishes as the City of Rochester and the Trailways bus company opened a modular bus station structure on Central Avenue near the existing train station. Currently, the City of Rochester, with the help of its partners in government, is trying to secure the necessary funding from the federal government to build a new, state of the art facility to replace the current bus station and the nearby Amtrak station. Currently, the City of Rochester estimates that approximately on hundred and fifty thousand people access the bus station, and by updating it, they can provided much need improvements to Rochester residents and guests traveling as well as decrease traffic congestion on downtown streets due to travel buses.

Also, the Rochester Genesee Regional Transit Authority is planning to break ground on a state of the art facility of their own for city transportation. Rochester State Senator Joe Robach knows the importance that having up to date capabilities for public transit, whether it be city buses, travel buses, or trains can have for those who use them. That is one of the reasons why Rochester Senator Joe Robach had previously secured funds for ARTwalk to construct a bus stop for the City of Rochester arts neighborhood. By supporting and developing public transit locations that blend and are a part of the community environment, the hope is that residents will be more willing to take advantage of a transit system that not only is good for a individuals pocket book, but is also good for the environment. As a member of the Senate Committee on Transportation, Joe Robach is advocating for common sense public transit initiatives, as well as ensuring that the needs of the general public as well as his Rochester constituents are being addressed in Albany.