Joe Robach, Supports Rochester Ibero-American Action League

Over the past month, Rochester Senator Joe Robach has had a tremendous working relationship with a longtime City of Rochester entity, the Ibero-American Action League. Ibero began its work within our community in 1968.
In the 1970’s and 1980’s Ibero-American Action League had begun to establish deep roots in our area, with a strong focus on the development and growth of Hispanics. Many of the new initiatives and programs were developed to help raise the socioeconomic status and self sufficiency of those being served. The secretarial bilingual program and the skill trade programs were some of the many services offered.

Today, Ibero has grown into an agency that employs over 270 people and currently has 22 sites. It’s an agency that not only serves Latinos, but it serves our community as a whole. Ibero currently provides services in the areas of developmental disabilities, education, children, youth, healthcare, housing, families, senior services and entrepreneurship programs.

This weekend, Rochester Senator Joe Robach attended the 17th annual Ibero-American Action League Gala and Hispanic Scholarship Recognition Awards. Joe Robach is proud to work with the Ibero-American Action League as they seek to strengthen the lives of those who they serve, and provide them with tools and resources to achieve social and economic self-sufficiency. The Ibero-American Action League is unique in the sense that it provides a full scope of direct services to a target population, providing services that cover children, youths, seniors, education, employment, housing, families and services to the developmentally disabled.

In May, Rochester Senator Joe Robach recognized Ibero-American Action League CEO Hilda Rosario Escher. She has 25 years of experience in the human services sector and brings the perspective of a minority female with an innovative approach. She is the voice of the Rochester Hispanic Community. Ms. Rosario-Escher focuses her efforts on strategic planning, developing leaders in her organization and being an agent of change to lead innovation.