Joe Robach Reelected By the People of Rochester

Rochester Senator Joe Robach was overwhelmingly reelected last Tuesday by the people of the City of Rochester and Monroe County. Collecting over ninety-nine percent of the vote, citizens across the community let it be known that they wished for Joe Robach to remain their voice in Albany. The ninety nine percent of votes gained was equal to 74,888 votes on the Republican, Conservative and Independence party lines. Only 512 votes were recorded for other candidates for the State Senator position in the 56th Senate District.

Senator Joe Robach has stated that if he was reelected he would continue to champion the causes that he hears members of the Monroe County community call for everyday such as lowering taxes, increasing job opportunities, and reforming the way the State of New York does business. Senator Robach also stated that he will remain dedicated and working hard and getting results for the men, women and working families that he represents in the Senate. In addition, Senator Joe Robach will continue to offer terrific constituent services available at his office on Ridge Road in Greece.

Throughout his tenure in office, Rochester Senator Joe Robach has made it a priority to work hard for taxpayers, by passing a property tax camp, proposing a moratorium on new taxes and fees, consolidating state agencies to save taxpayer funds, and fighting for $690 million in income tax relief. He has worked towards creating and protecting jobs, through enacting ReCharge NY, a program to generate private investment and NY Works to help rebuild New York’s infrastructure and create jobs. And finally, Senator Robach has worked hard for our children and their future, by delivering record support for local K-12 schools, proposed tuition breaks and lower interest rates to make college for accessible and improved standards and transparency in schools.