Senator Robach to Serve Rochester as Chair of the newest Senate Committee

Recently, Rochester Senator Joe Robach was announced as the Chairman of the New York State Senate’s newest standing committee. The new committee on Infrastructure and Capital Investment was created in response to the state’s renewed focus on the importance of rebuilding the infrastructure and economy of upstate New York. The Committee on Infrastructure and Capital Investment will oversee maximizing economic-development opportunities, particularly upstate, and review laws pertaining to public bidding, among other responsibilities.

Senator Robach stated that “I’m very happy to be heading up the newly created committee. I’m always up for a new challenge, I think this should be a good one, but most importantly, I think, a way where I will be able to impact, not only across the state, but in Rochester and Monroe County, jobs, where money goes, how it’s spent, and hopefully, its effectiveness. I believe 38 people now are involved — in a leadership spot, so when given all the opportunities, this looked like something I was willing to try, and I’ll be the chair of it – the first chair of it in the history of the Senate.” Senator Robach is also excited that the committee will explore “how we can revive the economy, and that’s something that I’ve been involved with for a long time. I’m interested in working with men and women across the state, especially in the Rochester area.”

Many groups, especially the Builder’s Association praised the creation of the new committee on Infrastructure and Capital Investment and the choice of Senator Robach to serve as its Chairman. The Builders Association, as well as the Builders Exchange of Rochester “(The) news of the newly created Senate Committee on Infrastructure and Capital Investments is long-awaited by the construction community. Our state needs to rework its capital spending program to maximize available funding and put a plan in place to address our crumbling roads and bridges. We look forward to Senator Robach serving as chairperson of the Senate Committee on Infrastructure and Capital Investments, and providing a top-level voice to address long term funding needs for highway and vertical construction.”