Joe Robach Shares Oppurtunity to Share Input on Rochester’s Highways

Rochester Senator Joe Robach would like to share a opportunity for the Rochester public to share their input regarding highway safety on Route 31, Monroe Avenue between Westfall/Allens Creek roads, and Route 65, Clover Street, in the town of Brighton.

The two most common accident patterns along this stretch of highway were carefully identified and evaluated by New York State Department of Transportation. The first consists of westbound traffic being involved in rear end collisions approaching the I-590 northbound on-ramp. The second consists of westbound traffic attempting to turn left into driveways on the south side of the road being involved in right angle collisions with eastbound traffic in the far right lane.

The project proposes a variety of ways to address these safety concerns. It also plans to resurface existing pavement, install new curb, drainage and signals, landscaping, signs and pavement markings. Construction is scheduled to begin in the spring on 2014. The estimated cost of the project is $1.6 million and will be federally funded.

New York State Department of Transportation officials will hold a public information meeting on Wednesday, July 31 to discuss this matter. It will take place at the Brighton Town Hall, located at 2300 Elmwood Avenue. A presentation will be given providing an overview of the proposed highway project at 7:00pm. Interested individuals will also have the opportunity to ask NYS Department of Transportation staff any questions as well as provide comments on the proposed project prior to the presentation at 5:00pm. The location for the meeting is accessible to people with disabilities. A sign language interpreter will also be provided if requested by July 29. To request any special accommodations or obtain more information, please call NYSDOT at (585) 272-3368.