Last week, Rochester Senator Joe Robach attended the Rochester Public Library Picnic at Ontario Beach Park. The Rochester Public Library held the picnic for youths from the Charlotte, Lyell, Maplewood and Winton Branch Libraries. This program gave these kids the chance to go to the beach and participate in different activities with their peers.

Senator Joe Robach believes that Rochester’s libraries are the cornerstones of our communities, places that have something for the young and old alike. Libraries are more than just a place to take out books, they serve as extensions of our schools by helping to foster learning in our youths. At many of Rochester’s libraries, children’s programs make reading enjoyable, which helps improve literacy in the classroom and performance in local schools. Libraries are now even more of pivotal importance because they provide access to the internet and other new technology to those who might not otherwise have access at home, including adults for job searches.

Senator Robach remembers fondly visiting the Charlotte Library as a child with his mother and sisters, looking forward to taking out some of his favorites books, such as historical stories about our founding fathers like George Washington. These family visits instilled in him the importance of lifelong learning and love for reading. As a father of three, Senator Joe Robach would often take his own children to the library so they too would have the same of of reading embedded in them as he did growing up.