Yesterday, Rochester Senator Joe Robach joined Mayor Tom Richards to announce that $275,000 in state funding has been secured for the continued transformation of High Falls.  As part of the City’s continued plan to provide trails along both sides of the Genesee River. $200,000 will be used to upgrade the existing Genesee Riverway Trail and complete a portion of the trail on the east side of the Genesee River—from the new Genesee Brew House Visitors Center to the rim of the High Falls. The new trail will be called the High Falls/Genesee Brewery Line. Lighting of the falls will be added with the remaining $50,000.

“The High Falls area is one of our city’s most significant natural assets, and is tightly woven into the character and history of Rochester,” said Mayor Richards. “I want to thank Senator Robach for his tireless work in Albany to help us increase access to the High Falls so that more people can enjoy this wonder for years to come. The new trail and the addition of lighting at High Falls add to the momentum of Rochester’s transformation and to the beauty and unique experience of the High Falls District,” said Mayor Richards.

“I’m pleased to be able to work with Mayor Tom Richards and the City of Rochester to continue to improve our neighborhoods by bringing amenities to one of the city’s unique landmarks, High Falls. By securing these state resources, we can attract more people and bring more jobs to the Upper Falls and Downtown Rochester,” said Senator Robach.

This project will complete a quarter of the Friends of the Garden Aerial’s vision for a trail that will circle the High Falls Gorge from the Pone de Rennes Bridge and across the High Falls and will build upon other recent developments on the east side of the falls such as the opening of the Genesee Brew House and will complement upcoming improvement projects scheduled for Cataract and Platt Streets.