This week, Rochester Senator Joe Robach joined students and facility from Monroe Community College for their voter registration drive, a grassroots effort to get more students registered to vote on National Voter Registration Day. It was great meeting with so many interested students and discussing the importance of voting with them. Senator Robach has always been a staunch believer that grassroots voter participation is what the United States of America was founded upon and through grassroots representation should be the manner in which representatives serve their constituents.

His belief in grassroots politics and getting people involved in the political process is one reason why, throughout his career, Senator Joe Robach has pushed for, and passed in the Senate, legislation allowing Initiative and Referendum in New York State. The People of New York do not currently have the constitutional right to enact laws, amend the constitution or repeal laws by initiative or referendum. Amending the State constitution to allow initiative and referendum will provide the citizens of New York the ability to enact laws which are specifically addressed to their concerns. This procedure is a reflection of the basic tenet of democracy which embodies government by the people, of the People and for the People. Initiative and Referendum is an integral mechanism for voters to exercise a direct and active role in enacting and defeating laws. The People of New York deserve a greater voice in government and will citizenry. Initiative and Referendum will provide voters stronger representation and allow them to act when their elected representatives fail to do so.