Rochester Senator Joe Robach joined my Rochester area colleagues in the New York State Legislature this week for the Rochester Community Coalition’s presentation of their 2014 priorities. Hosted by the Rochester Business Alliance, Joe Robach and other members of the Senate and Assembly met to discuss the important issues for business in our area.

Robach Rochester BusinessAccording to the Rochester Business Alliance, the Rochester Community Coalition identified the top local priorities for New York State investment and attention in its 2014 Community Agenda. The Community Coalition, a group of leaders representing business, local government, education, labor, and nonprofits convened by Rochester Business Alliance, delivered the agenda to the local state legislature delegation at a meeting at RBA headquarters.

Rochester Business Alliance President and CEO Sandra Parker said, “The Community Coalition represents diverse interests and views within our community. These leaders have come together to create the Community Agenda for a greater Rochester. We urge state lawmakers and Governor Cuomo to support the priorities that our coalition believes will promote job creation and strengthen our region.”

The 2014 Community Agenda identifies six areas of importance, including:

Aid and Incentives to Municipalities (AIM) Funding
Graduate Medical Education
Child Care Funding
Centers of Excellence
Ongoing Commitments
Finger Lakes Regional Economic Development Council Priority Projects

The Rochester Community Coalition traces its roots to 2006 as the Rochester Fair Share Coalition, an organization that lobbied state government for a much-needed boost in aid for the City of Rochester. Given the success of that campaign, the group opted to adopt a broader agenda of annual items deemed most important to the greater Rochester region. Senator Joe Robach has been a long champion of the City of Rochester and helped to ensure that the City has representative dedicated to the fighting for the region.