This week Rochester Senator Joe Robach announced with Assembly Majority Leader Joe Morelle that they had secured an additional six million dollars in state aid for the City of Rochester, bringing the total in this years’ budget to 94 million dollars.Joe Robach Rochester 6

“In a continued effort to meet the needs of our constituents, while working with local government and our Mayor, we’re happy to deliver more resources for the City of Rochester. Our ability to successfully rebuild Upstate New York is inextricably linked to the need to make essential investments in our cities. That is why throughout the budget process we have remained committed to ensuring the needs of the City of Rochester are met by securing funding that is essential to its fiscal stability.

“We are pleased to announce that the City will be receiving $6 million in state aid in addition to the $88 million already allocated in Aid and Incentives for Municipalities funding in the original budget proposal. This appropriation is being made available in direct response to the City’s need for additional funding to combat its chronically high poverty rate.”

“This action is a step in the right direction toward resolving the historic disparities within the AIM funding formula and will greatly assist the City in addressing this year’s fiscal challenges. Looking forward we remain committed to providing the City with the tools it needs to ensure its long-term success.”